DIY Photo Rescue, Shelley will coach you through the project from start to finish

"Do It Yourself" Rescue

with Shelley's Coaching

You can do your own Rescue with Shelley's Coaching. She will walk you through step by step so you can digitize your outdated media and get it organized in your own FOREVER Storage Account.

Begin by clicking each of these 4 buttons in order to follow my recommended DIY process and connect with me. Once you begin, you will have full access to me and I will answer any questions you have along the way....let's rescue your photos together!

Client Testimonial

Hilary Spatz, Pittsburgh PA

"I felt a heavy burden on my shoulders because I was suddenly in charge of all the family photos. Shelley guided me through her process with patience and expertise. She gave me great organizing tips, held me accountable and even made the process enjoyable. I couldn't have done it without her. I highly recommend her as a key resource to help get this important job done. "

Client Testimonial

Todd Rosenfeld, Pittsburgh PA

"I think the world of Shelley, she has helped me immeasurably. She is really good at what she does. She has given me peace of mind knowing this project is no longer neglected."