Classes & Workshops

Zoom| Learn about using FOREVER to Save, Organize & Share

Edgeworth Club, Sewickley |Curating your story using FOREVER

Personal Photo Rescue | Hands on Workshops

Workshop 1: Remove | Sort

Class #1 Shelley will give you instructions in gathering, cleaning, sorting and organizing your family photos, documents and other outdated media.

Workshop 2: Scan | Archive

Class #2 Shelley will share tips in determining what is important to keep. We will have all your items scanned or digitized using FOREVER Box and then save the originals in an Archival Box.

Workshop 3: Enjoy | Share

Class #3 Shelley will teach you how to identify your photos and tell the stories behind them using FOREVER Permanent and Private Storage. Next step is to share them with family and future generations.

DIY Photo Rescue Supply Kit

This kit includes everything you need for your own Photo Rescue...

  • 1 Hour Personal Training Session with Shelley Murray

  • Personal Inventory Check List & other Printed Resources

  • 1 Archival Photo Box & Materials to preserve physical memories

  • Photo Removal Tools

  • Photo Safe Pen & Pencil

  • Dust Cloth

  • Post it notes & Pen

  • Bag to keep all items together

*Not included but necessary is FOREVER Storage & FOREVER Box for scanning, contact Shelley to inquire about this added cost, it depends on how much you have to scan and save.